Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Books That Help in Weight Loss

The millions of books that deal with weight loss have not always helped the customers to come to terms with their body size or their food intake levels. Rather they have drastically increased the stress levels for the people concerned and ensured that there is virtually little chance of achieving inner peace if they follow all the advice that is given by the so called gurus that know nothing about the business or the human body. Besides there are plenty of charlatans that are only too happy to exploit the general public under the guise that they are providing weight control advice to the public. This is sometimes nothing more than yet another fallacy designed to keep the people in captivity on the ransom of cooperation with the diet and weight loss industries.

No one seems to mind that the general public is being fleeced from time to time by people that really have no business writing books but then go onto the market with their half baked ideas on the basis that they have ever had a weight loss issue that they have resolved. The celebrities have also joined the band wagon with their different and improbable tales of how they lost weight in an amazingly short time despite the fact that they have twenty four hour care from the army of advisers and other helpers that ensure that they only get the best services on offer. It is an absolute disgrace that no one in the weight loss industry is taking the time to put a stop to all this nonsense that is going on in the guise of trying to help the general public.

It should become a basic requirement that anyone that dares to write a book has an understanding of how that book impacts on the general public and that they are made aware of all the alternative views on how to lose weight and remain healthy. It ought to be a matter of course that there is plenty of research that goes on in the background before someone can public a book about anything. The alternative is a system that is broken and one that does not have the moral basis to tell people how to live their lives or lose weight. Dealing with the inconsistencies of the diet industry has to always remain a priority for everyone concerned. There is no cause or justification for complacency.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winning the Weighty Battle with Jillian Michael

Now there are diets that due capture the imagination of everyone that gets into contact with them. Sometimes the personality that is promoting the diet is so big that you have no choice but to take notice of it. Such is the case with Jillian Michael and her diets. I have no problem with aggressive promotion because it enables people to look at their weight and find solutions to their health problems. There are people who will never respond to anything unless there is an element of pressure applied to whatever they are doing. Therefore I applaud Jillian Michael for bringing alternative solutions to a problem that has troubled many in the developed world.

The only proviso that I would have with these popular diets is that they need to actually work. If it appears that they are nothing more than marketing campaigns, then they are not worth the paper that they are written on. I know that some of the claims that are made about online diets are so outlandish that you even have to wonder whether there are any people that actually believe in them. However judging from the health of the dieting industry, one can only come to the conclusion that they are doing something right and they are popular because they provide a service that is effective.

Jillian Michael had a memorable sting on the Biggest Loser where she delighted and appalled almost in equal measure depending on your attitude to diets. I personally found the program to be a hoot and would heartily recommend it to anyone who was sitting on their couch instead of going out to control their weight. Jillian is not a person that you can ignore and therefore she is exactly what we people need to get us going. Her diet works on the basis of very challenging workout routines and eating delicious recipes that are designed to control your calorie intake.

I suppose this is the foundation of all weight control programs, but Jillian has been able to communicate the message in a compelling way. I particularly like the fact that the emotional aspect of food relationships is explored by the writer. This is an area that is often ignored in the mainstream but your psychology can have an impact on the way that you construct your lifestyle. The cost of about four dollars a week is paltry compared to the potential benefits of the diet.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Motivating Yourself Beyond Failure

As any person who has been on a variety fat control and weight control schedules, I can tell you that it is a pretty mind boggling business. The frustration can lead you to an impasse. You are doing everything you can to follow the rules but your sum of body parts simply refuses to respond to your efforts to control its shape and size. You simply find that it will not accept that controls that you try to put on its calorie intake. You need to avoid the pitfalls of despair at this point because it is definitely something to look out for. Do not lose hope because your situation is neither unique nor hopeless. A workable solution may be just round the corner and just waiting for you to take the chances that it offers.

You need to have some motivation tricks up your sleeve at this moment in time. Most people will have different things that make them tick or think about positivity. The first thing is to visualize my sum of body parts as I hope it will eventually become if I do my exercises properly. A picture is worth a thousand words and therefore you can use the photographs to show you where you have been and where you would like to be. This is one of those instances when using photo shop is definitely a bonus because you can make the after picture as glamorous as you like. If you see what things might be like it might inspire to work even harder to reach those goals that you have set yourself. As you do a particularly challenging exercise you might find that this image is what might keep you going when logically you might have given up long time ago.

Having the ability to laugh at yourself you will help you to go through some of the more challenges of your weight control program. If you are always serious about what you are doing then you are even likely to exceed the targets that you have set for yourself. It is almost guaranteed that somehow or somewhere something will go wrong so the earlier you prepare the better. Whatever you do you must not despair when things look like they might be a bit difficult. This is the normal challenging process for anyone who wants to lose weight.

If you do not take out the time to look after yourself no one else will. If you have achieved something great in your exercise then you need to shout out about it and let the world know of your achievement so that you are not left behind in the stakes for winnings the battle against the bulge. Under no circumstances must you ignore you emotional needs just because you want to lose a bit of weight.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Effects of Compulsive Smoking on a Dieting Program

I have on various occasions thought about this difficult issue. The dieters who have given up compulsive consumption of smoke seem to be getting fatter while the people who compulsively take smoke are generally small. The clinicians tell us that we should not pay attention to rumors concerning compulsive consumption of smoke. The research professionals among us then move on to tell us that the reasons why people who compulsively take smoke put on fat when they kick the habit is that they keep wanted to use the habitual motion of putting hand to mouth. Thus in the absence of a cigarette they turn to food which increases their ingestion and fat count.

There are some very foolish people who even go as far as suggesting that it is a good idea to start compulsive consumption of smoke in order to control one’s fat. These are dieters who really do not understand the meaning of general wellbeing. Compulsive consumption of smoke has such a devastating impact on those who take it that it is very irresponsible to even suggest that it could be a solution to your general wellbeing problems. This is similar to saying that when you have a cranial pain the solution is to cut off the cranium itself.

This is the kind of irresponsible discussion that has led many young people into the grips of a serious fat loss problem without a route towards exiting the trap. How some dieters come up with such theories is beyond me. However I must say that I have not yet found a satisfactory explanation as to why dieters who smoke tend to gain fat when they stop compulsive consumption of smoke. Perhaps one of you people will have an intelligent explanation which I can public in the blog.

This is an issue that affects us all and I would appreciate any feedback or links to the information sources. I think that if they discovered that compulsive consumption of smoke really helped to lose fat, they would try to work out something to help facilitate the use of compulsive consumption of smoke without facing the dangers that are normally associated with it.

I wonder whether the clinicians are just afraid of contradicting one another and that is why they are not providing an explanation about compulsive consumption of smoke and fat control. I know that medical dieters have the habit of trying to forget issues rather than confronting the difficult problems that they face. Maybe this is one of them. Anyone who has done research in this area please let me know the progress and we would be grateful for any tips on this rather secretive issue so far.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What are the signs of a good diet?

Hi guys, this post is going to concentrate on some of the positive signs of a good diet. If you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, these some of the things that you should be looking out for in your daily diet. The list is not as long as I would like it to be but that is all we can manage in this post today.

1. Try to be as natural as possible. The more natural food that you have in your diet the easier it is to complete and the less stress you have to go through before getting to grips with your diet. The use of artificial elements such as pills and vitamins can help but it is not a long term solution. Natural sounds good especially when it comes to the diet. I have a friend whose breakfast consists of a few bits of food and then the pills begin. He is an obsessive with the new age shops and will buy anything that has a label which tells him that it is good for him. Even if the benefits are not explicit on the label, he still believes in them and will go along just to have the opportunity to try yet another unnatural substance. Even those who use dietary supplements are guilty of having a diet that does not refer to natural ingredients.

2. Your diet should reflect the things that are within your reach. Do not attempt to go overboard by looking for materials in your diet which you cannot possibly find within easy reach. If you live in an area where potatoes are the staple food then your diet should incorporate potatoes. If you live near a lake, then fish should be on the menu. This not only saves your budget but can make it easier to live with your diet. If you have to go through an elaborate hoax in order to get just your daily food, then the chances of you having a balanced diet are ranging from slim to none. Moreover you might be tempted to go back to the junk of you have to go through so much hassle in order to get decent food. My simple solution is that before you start your diet, look around to see the things that you can possibly eat. Work then from the basis that you diet has to incorporate these things. You cannot go too wrong with such an approach.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting Rid of the Baby Bulge

After the birth of your baby your will find it difficult to reduce the fat and flab that you acquired during the pregnancy. Weight loss is hard enough without this added complication. The annals are littered with stories of women who have had their bodies completely altered by the birth of their child. The slow rate of success means that many people naturally decided that this is not something that they can achieve within a reasonable time.

I believe that the difficulties that people face in trying to lose weight after pregnancy ought to be an inspiration for them to even work harder and attempt to beat the bulge. There is plenty of hope for pregnant women across the world as long as they follow a few basic steps to ensure that they are in a good position to get rid of this particular type of weight. In order to achieve this one needs to be clear about the role of the diet in their life as well as the level of physical activity needed.

The first thing is to review your eating habits and ensure that they are meeting your needs but that they are not exposing you to unnecessary weight gain. Even if you are not sure where to start, there are plenty of services that will provide support and advice. The 3-2-1 diet.3 main meals in a day, 2 snacks and 1 liter of water is one of the recommended early solutions. That may appear to be quite some feeding for the ordinary person but those meals and snacks are meant to be taken in small portions. It is far more effective to cut down your food portions in half than to miss the meal and then binge later. Eat less but in more regular frequencies and you should be absolutely fine. Regular meals keep your body metabolism in good working order for much longer. A fast metabolic process is the best friend of anyone who wishes to control their diet. Water should also be included in the diet because it is a cleanser and lubricant for the digestive system.

Experts discourage the notion that you can tone just specific parts of the body such as the stomach in order to give them the best chance of losing weight. If you want to lose weight, it should be an even weight loss process rather than attempting to go for specific areas that you think are not looking good. The best method is to try cardiovascular exercises such as walking, jogging, running, cycling and swimming after the initial healing process that follows childbirth. These activities help develop your body as a whole rather than as different parts. If you are feeling more adventurous it is also possible to enroll in dance or yoga classes.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Just Weight Loss Program Today

The just weight loss blog has opened and you are cordially invited. This is an opportunity to share your tips and your knowledge about general weight loss issues or just other health related information. We would like to have an online community of dieters encouraging one another on this blog. I hope to be posting every three days but if you don’t see me you should not get worried because I check on the blog regularly. Today I will continue with my tips for having a healthy lifestyle and controlling weight.

We are told that white meat is better for dieting than red meat. However rather than completely excluded red meat I merely rebalance my personal consumption to have a combination of both but with greater emphasis on white mean. This means that you do not have a situation of boring monitory in the diet and we all know where that can lead to.

It is advisable to use high fiber multigrain breads rather than white bread to ensure that you can improve you fiber content in the diet. They tend to taste somewhat different but you can get used to them pretty quickly and you would soon be able to have them as part of your normal diet. They also have a better proportion level of proteins which are the building blocks for cells.

Pork and pork related products such as bacon, ham and sausages tend to increase the calorie level and may contain quite a high percentage of fats. They are to be minimized within the diet or alternatively merely used as an occasional treat. Pork scratching are particularly fattening and should be avoided at all costs. They have very limited nutritional value but a devastating effect on your calorie chart.
Limit your sugar intake. If you can't have things unsweetened go for sugar substitutes. These things are just as sweetening but are certainly not fattening.

Butter is also one of those products which are not advisable because it can lead to a cholesterol overkill and cause serious health problems. Unsalted butter if you must, but even better is the option to use margarine. Special shops now stock butter brands which have suppressed levels of cholesterol.

That is all for tonight folks. Have a great day and ensure that you keep the calories low and the vitamins high. See you again. I will be checking from time to time to see whether you have pasted any comments.